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Production base: No. 3, Xingye Road, Shilong community, Shiyan street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

Sales headquarters: B105, 1 floor, Arts crafts emporium, Shekou Road, Shekou Road, 33, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Xiucun Technology (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd

Established in 2009, storage technology is a scieic and technological enterprise, has obtained 12 national patents, and has provided efficient environmental vprograms and equipment for nearly 1000 enterprises in Guangdong.
The idea of business is: "no one can see it."
Business scope: air purification, dust control, waste gas treatment, engineering design, non-standard mechanical design, energy saving products.


We are committed to providing customers with the most advanced dedusting, deodorizing, oil mist, filtering solutions and products, creating a safe and clean working environment, protecting the environment, and helping customers to improve production efficiency.

Solution of exhaust gas treatment

Solution of dust control

Air purification solution

Repair storage technology adopts the most advanced technology of industrial waste gas treatment in the industry. It is safe, efficient and stable.

The dedusting series of storage technology covers many fields, general dust removal, anti electrostatic precipitator, food grade dust remova……

The series of commercial new air purifier developed by storage technology can solve the air purification, VOC purification……

Pipeline design solution

Nonstandard automation solution

Odor governance solution

The maintenance technology combined with the current automation production line design, supporting environmental protection……

The piping design can select pipes and materials according to the transmission medium characteristics. Select the diameter of the pipe according ……

Explosion-proof dust collector: it can handle industrial high explosive dangerous dust, and the filtration accuracy can reach 99.103%.

Engineering case